Even if death led to nothingness that would not be a bad thing. Consider when you are asleep and seem not to be perceiving anything all night and then you awaken. The feeling of having been asleep must have been magnificent. You didn’t have to worry about anything at all. Bad things and negativities come from conscious thought about the world. In the unconscious state of sleep, none of that matters. It is Edenic. And that is one possibility after death. I think some think it would be boring, but have you ever been bored while you slept? Not once. Best hours of the day some time and certainly the most refreshing. One wonders why. It is the lack of consciousness and it’s dirtying effect on things! And the classification boring comes from a conscious idea of a place without it which it does not like. But the being itself does not mind for it is part of the cosmos. Only the ego or consciousness so often in the way of itself is not. For it is a fabrication of the being just as the world is a fabrication from god.
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And if you consider how we perceive ourselves in the world, we act as if all things in this world were subject to laws but us. We judge peoples looks and posture and dress habits and everything. But we refuse to acknowledge that we are subject to the same laws when we receive comment on ourselves. We say it doesn’t matter to us. We are different. Without immediately seeing that attitude for the childish willfulness it truly is. Therefore, unlike the dream and desire to see the world as we see our third person shooters, at a small remove with slightly detached enjoyment, we see the world from within the world and are thus subject to its laws and conditions. This place is the great game. There is no greater one waiting. All things are here. If in the beginning there was the logos and the logos was with God, and the logos was God. Then when God sends his Son, who is him and therefore the logos into the world, then he and the world become one through the intermediary of humans, in whom the Son inhabits so says St. Paul.
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However the universe is wired is how we must perceive that which surrounds us. And since all we see is the game around us without seeing ourselves moving through it, we do not realize that we are part of a game. And we therefore have a role to play. And the better we play it, the better the game is.
I once had a dream where I lucidly touched a tree’s leaf and marveled at how real it felt. And that is precisely the point the dream was trying to convey. The reality which appears external to our senses is in reality a product of the sense-organs which perceive/receive the impressions from what we call “outside”. But the two, if there is an interchange or exchange between them, naturally must interact. Which means that which is perceived as outside must “touch” or “make contact with” that which is perceived as inside.
Even when you make the two concepts dual, they must still interact, thus proving the concept of the unus mundus, or the “unity of the tao”. All that is outside is in, and all that is in is out.
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